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Quote1.png Everyone thinks I want the same as Rory because we're twins...But I only agreed to crimefight because our powers only work when we're together. And...I don't think it's right to be doing this while our family's in danger. Quote2.png

Pandora Destine and her twin brother Rory were the two youngest children of the immortal Adam Destine and the Djinn Elalyth. When the twins are physically near each other, their respective powers of photokinesis and gravitokinesis activate.[1][6]


Pandora and her twin brother Rory were born in Yden, and hadn't left Yden before the death of Vincent.[4][5] After the death of Vincent and Adam's self exile into deep space, the twins were place under the guardianship of their siblings Walter and Flo, posing as their uncle and grandmother respectively.[1]

When their powers manifested in puberty, Pandora and Rory believed they were mutants. Wanting to become a superhero, Rory convinced Pandora to starting going out on nightly patrols as Crimson Crusader and Imp wearing costumes designed by their "aunt" Kay Cera.[1][7]

For six months, Crimson Crusader and Imp fought crime in and around London and took down the Windsor Gang and Rainbow Quartet.[1] One night during patrol, the twins came upon Alpha and his Omegans fighting Lenz over the Gryphon. Not knowing who to help, the twins took the Gryphon to stop the fight, but Lenz torn off Imp's cape.[8] The Kay Cera Label in the cape led Lenz to Kay Cera in Barcelona. After killing Cera, Lenz learned about the other members of Clan Destine asd dispatched his agents to attack them. Both Maurice and Flo killed,[1] but Walter and Samantha Hasard survived their attacks.[9]

To discover why they were being attacked, Walter took the twins to Dominic's Island to recruit their reclusive brother Dominic.[9] After recruiting Dominic, the group travelled to the Griffin Research Complex where Rory, Pandora, and Walter were captured by the Omegans. Before Samantha and Kay could free their siblings, Rory was abducted by one of Lenz's minions.[6] To rescue Rory, his family arrived to trade the Gryphon, but they were overwhelmed until Adam arrived to save them.[8]

Following their confrontation with Lenz, Adam began to explain their family heritage to the twins while their older siblings tried to scare them out of being superheroes.[10][11] Exasperated with the situation, Walter finally put his foot down and forbid the twins from being superheroes.[10] Frustrated with Walter's decision and fearing being separated from each other, Crimson Crusader and Imp ranaway to New York using a hollowed out car to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. In New York, the twins quickly met Spider-Man.[12] Spider-Man tried to convince the twins to return home, and even let them "audition" to be his sidekick. While trying to reunited the twins with Kay and Samantha, but ended up saving the women from the Skyline Killer.[13]

Eventually the other adults of Clan Destine convinced Walter to allow the twin to fight crime with each adult taking a turn to chaperone the twins.[14][3][2]

When Kay Cera was abducted by a demon, Newton created a device allowing Clan Destine to follow and save her. However, the device brought the Clan to the Danger Room where they met the X-Men. While the other Clan adults interacted with the X-Men, Crimson Crusader and Imp were taken on a tour of the X-Mansion by Kitty Pryde and Cannonball and were almost recruited to the team. However, the interactions were revealed to be a corrupted Danger Room program and plot by Synraith to enter the Earthly realm.[15]

One night while heading to London to a patrol, Adam vanished in a bolt of lighting while Crimson Crusader and Imp's powers malfunctioned.[16] To get help, the twin carefully traveled to Blasco Castle with the damaged Flight Belt to meet with Kay and Samantha. However, at Belasco Castle, the twins were playfully attacked by Kay's vampyr friends.[17]

To find Hex, who was lost in the Multiverse, Newton recruited Crimson Crusader and Imp. Crimson Crusader intuitive power to manipulate gravity allowed him to traverse the Multiverse using the Q-Car and located Hex on Earth-80522 where he and Excalibur being attacked by Tral-controlled Inhumans. After rescuing Hex and Excalibur, they returned to Ravenscroft were they were attacked by Super-Griffin and his clones of Wallop, Crimson Crusader, and Imp. Fortunately, the entire Clan was rescued by the timely intervention of Adam and Elalyth.[18]

When Vincent returned to the Earthly plane, Clan Destine travelled to New York to stop Kay Cera from killing him again. Arriving at the American Museum of Natural History, Cuckoo used the powers of Crimson Crusader and Imp to disrupt Vincent's return and the energies from his occult dimension.[5]



Imp using her powers

Due to her magical heritage, Imp possesses several powers including:

  • Photokinesis: Pandora has the ability to manipulate light. She can project beams of light powerful enough to pulverize boulders or focus them in order to create laser beams that can instantly cut through objects. She can bend light around her and other objects and people in order to make them invisible.
  • Advanced Longevity: Like the other members of her family, Pandora will age slowly after adolescence.


  • Proximity: Pandora must be in close proximity to her twin brother Rory in order for her powers to work.




  • Imp has never been a big fan of her own costume.[19][7][2]

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