When it appeared that Doctor Strange was slowly enslaving the world into a mindless state of magical happiness, Thunderbolt Ross mobilized his team of Thunderbolts to take the Sorcerer Supreme out. To do this, the Thunderbolts needed to arm themselves with magical items to match Strange's might. While the Thunderbolts were successful in acquiring certain items, W.A.N.D. wound up helping them more than they would ever know. Taken to W.A.N.D. headquarters with a magical spell, Ross and the Leader met Director Pandora Peters and her right hand, Todd. The two Thunderbolts were magically restrained to prevent them from causing trouble, but were also given free rein of W.A.N.D.'s stores of magical weaponry and artifacts. After getting what they needed, Peters had Todd wipe the Thunderbolts' memory of their meeting, and replaced it with a memory of them getting their artifacts from a magical cache of Doctor Druid.[1]

The Thunderbolts eventually proved victorious against the mad Doctor Strange, except that he turned out to actually be Oberoth'm'gozz in disguise, the True King of Faeries who sought to conquer Earth with his legion of Old Ones. Peters and her agents of W.A.N.D. soon arrived after the king's defeat to clean up the magical mess he'd left, and to bring back the real Doctor Strange. Peters reintroduced herself to the Thunderbolts and apologized for not handling the situation themselves, as they didn't know it wasn't actually Doctor Strange who was the threat. Afterwards though she had Todd wipe their memories once again, making them forget about their battle with Oberoth'm'gozz and replaced it with one of the Thunderbolts having a nice lunch of Shawarma together.[1]


Magic: As the director of W.A.N.D., the S.H.I.E.L.D. magic defense division, Peters has to be adept in the use of magic, which she used to control the Thunderbolts to some degree.[1]

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