Panic was a member of the Freelancers, a group of super-powered enforcers who were hired by Roxxon to shut down the protesters at the Angeles National Forest that opposed the company's intention to build a pipeline that connected their West Coast headquarters to a new deep-water drilling platform off the coast. Might had Panic use her powers on reporter Ximena Xingtao to get her to leave the scene.

When the Champions arrived to the scene to stop them, Panic used her abilities on the protesters, causing them to fight each other. Cyclops tried to stop her and convince her to find a peaceful way to resolve the situation, but she put him in a state of panic as well. She then tried to user her powers on Viv, but she headbutted Panic and knocked her down.

As she was still unconscious, Viv placed Panic on the bus she used to evacuate the protesters from the area when a monster originating from the Leviathon Tide landed on the forest and threatened to burn it down.[1]

The Freelancers were later hired for other jobs, including disrupting a wage protest in Durham, North Carolina and displacing homeless people from a tent city in Los Angeles, California. The Freelancers invited two of the homeless people they displaced to their compound, and manipulated them into fighting each other, later using Panic's powers to have them tell the authorities that the Champions had assaulted them.[2]


Empathic Manipulation: Panic has the ability to manipulate the emotions of others, sending them into a state of panic by prying into their minds and finding out their fears.[1]

  • Telepathic Illusions Panic can also cast illusions on a certain target, though they are only seen by said person.[1]

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