Pansy was a young goth woman who got hold of Mr. Immortal's phone sometime after he had buried himself to spend a year isolated.[1]

When Flatman reunited the Great Lakes Avengers, he tried to contact Mr. Immortal via message, unaware his phone had fallen into Pansy's hands. Unwilling to "assume things," Pansy showed up at the rendezvous point, an abandoned Stark Assembly and Manufacturing plant in Detroit, Michigan, and waited for the Great Lakes Avengers. Once they arrived, Pansy cleared up the confusion caused by her presence and showed the team around the facilities.[1] Pansy later stuck around, becoming the team's assistant.[2]


Pansy is a very relaxed, though not a very smart person, who decides to stick with the GLA and help them, despite not making things easier most of the time.[3]

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