Pantho was Duke of Guarralid, in Zingara. He possibly met Conan at some point.

As the throne of Zingara was vacant, Pantho intended to claim it, pushed either bu bribery or sorcery by the Stygian sorcerer Thoth-Amon who intended to use him as diversion to get Conan away from Tarantia, where he had stored the Hearth of Ahriman. Pantho started by conquering the western reaches of Argos, then had his army invade Poitain, southernmost province of Aquilonia.

For the people, for the Duke to do such action was necessarily the consequence that a demon or a sorcerer had taken possession of him. Aquilonia monarch Conan himself thought that Pantho was securing his rear before attacking the Zingaran capital Kordava.

Conan met Pantho's army in Poitain, and thanks to his Gunderland's pikemen, his Bossonian archers and his Black Dragons, he repelled the Zingaran army back across the Alimane River where many of them were killed, including the Duke whom Conan splat the skull, some yielded and a few escaped.

Conan remained suspicious regarding the Duke's actions, madness or foolishness which didn't fitted the memory he had of him, and even smelled sorcery. He intended to set a puppet leader on Zingara's throne. After receiving the visit of Diviatix, chief druid of Pictland, Conan was informed that Thoth-Amon was behind Pantho's actions. In the morning, he sacred Princess Chabela and her consort Olivero as queen and king of Zingara, under the over-lordship of Aquilonia, and sent them to Kordava with a troops of his knights). He then set his course to Stygia.[1]

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