The Pao'Ree are an advanced alien race of very progressive telepaths from the planet Mer-Z-Bow. They are growing towards being the dominant species in their galaxy. Partially it seems because they are nearly 100% composed of almost-complete pacifists, unless seriously threatened.

Powers and Abilities


The Pao'Ree are telepathically interconnected. They cannot yet read the minds of others star races but they are expected to reach that capability in approximately seventy years.


Habitat: They thrive on a fluid system with there cities decaying and rebuilding themselves in sync with their habitat. The Pao'ree have accepted that nature cannot fully be predicted and that chaos is a part of all that is.
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Unknown
Level of Technology: Advanced.
Cultural Traits: Unknown
Representatives: Princess Ventolin

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