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Early years

As a young man, Paradigm's powers emerged. He was injected with the Phalanx's Transmode Virus. He was recruited by King Bedlam as part of a New Hellions. He controlled the members of X-Force as King Bedlam sought to unleash the Armageddon Man. Paradigm's control was broken through the combined efforts of Tarot and Danielle Moonstar.[1]

Paradigm's remains in flames


Paradigm was found again by the X-Men (only his head, to be accurate),[2] used by the geneticist known as Kaga to break into McCoy's files about using X-Genes from dead mutants.

Before leaving, Cyclops apologized to Paradigm's remains for not have saved him from his torments, and then blew his head apart with an optic blast.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Technokinesis: This power allowed him to manipulate the shape and function of any mechanical device. He was forced to interact with a fragment of Phalanx material that converted him into a techno-organic being, enabling him to levitate himself, morph into different shapes and configurations, extend T-O filaments that assume control of others, and assimilate sensory impressions or tangible samples of biological or mechanical matter to evolve himself to new levels.

He was also able to corrupt information data as a hacker's tool.[2]


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