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Magma, Karma, Wolfsbane (advisors), Match (field leader)
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With an increasing number in the student body in Xavier's school, Cyclops & Emma Frost reorganized the Xavier Institute's educational and training program.[1] The Paragon Squad was originally advised by Wolfsbane,[2] and later advised by Magma.[3][4]

Paragons Squad (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 2 12 0002

The Paragons with their original advisor.

Academy X

After the truth about Wolfsbane and Elixir's brief affair was exposed, Wolfsbane left the X-Mansion.[2] The squad was briefly combined with the Alpha Squadron under the supervision of Karma.[5] Just before the end of the term, Magma assumed the leadership of the squad.[3][4]


  • DJ - Mark Sheppard converted different types of music into various forms of energy. Depowered, and killed in bus bombing by Purifiers.[6]
  • Match - Ben Hamill is pyrokinetic and always engulfed in flames. Field Leader. Retained his powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Pixie - Megan Gwynn possesses rainbow colored wings mounted on her back for flight and emits a hallucinogenic dust. Retained her powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Preview - Jessica Vale had precognitive sight. Depowered, and killed in bus bombing by Purifiers.[6]
  • Trance - Hope Abbott can project an astral form. Retained her powers and remained with the X-Men.
  • Wolf Cub - Nicholas Gleason had a lupine appearance, enhanced senses, and razor sharp claws. Retained his powers, but was later killed by Donald Pierce.[7]


After M-Day only 27 of 182 enrolled Xavier's students retained their powers. The Paragons Squad was disbanded along with all the other X-Men Training Squads.[8]


Weapons: Each teammates' arsenal


  • The squad’s colors are green and black with red accents.

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