Shaw attended a Hellfire Club gala with his lover Lourdes Chantel. Edward Buckman, the White King, introduced them to his White Queen, Paris Seville. Buckman thanked Shaw for his funding of Project Armageddon and repeated that it was about isolating and reproducing the genetic X-factor, though secretly it was the death of mutantkind.

Both Tessa and Lourdes did not trust Buckman and Shaw‘s friend Emma Frost confirmed their suspicions when she pulled the truth from Mike Rossi‘s mind.

Suddenly a Sentinel attacked Shaw‘s group, and in the end Lourdes died while trying to rescue her lover. Shaw and Emma had their revenge by taking over Ned Buckman’s mind and making him kill the entire Inner Circle.

Now they could assume leadership of the Hellfire Club. Paris died by being shot by Edward Buckman while he was under the mind controlling powers of Emma Frost.[1]


None (Human) Paris did not have any powers; she only had average human strength and abilities.

Paris only appearred in flashbacks.

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