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Park Avenue is a north-south thoroughfare in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx.

Janet van Dyne Pym participated at a fashion show in the crystal ballroom of a posh, world-famous hotel on Park Avenue.[1]

The Heroes for Hire office was located at Park Avenue.[2]

Wilson Fisk's offices were located in Park Avenue, too.[3]

Karl Kraus was attacked in his Park Avenue pied-a-terre by his ex-wife Melanie.[4]

As Spider-Man was swinging over Park Avenue, he noticed D. K. attacking Mr. Sanders' offices, looking for Sanders himself.[5]

During a citywide blackout, Spidey later called home from Park Avenue and Mary Jane told him to go over to the Plaza Hotel to comfort Jill Stacy, who was afraid of the dark.[6]

Daredevil confronted Mysterio at his building, located at 387 Park Avenue South.[7]

Daredevil eventually managed to rescue the kidnapped infant girl and defeat Mysterio, who then killed himself.[8]

Alternate Realities[]

Days of Future Past (Earth-811)[]

Park Avenue from Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 141 001

Days of Future Past's Park Avenue

In the 21st Century of Earth-811, Park Avenue is an abandoned, derelict and dying slum, much like the city. Ariel was on her way here to meet Wolverine, when she was attacked by the Rogue Pack, human scavengers who hated mutants. She was rescued by Wolverine. He had come to warn Kate that there were plans to launch a full-scale nuclear assault on America if the Sentinels were not stopped. Understanding this, Kate was given the last component of a device she had slowly been smuggling into the concentration camp, where she had spent most of her adult life.[9]

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