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Parker Industries, Shanghai Branch is the headquarters and main complex for the Asian branch of Parker Industries located in Shanghai, China.[1]


Peter Parker, CEO of Parker Industries, released the wrist-mounted smartphone called Webware from the Shanghai office. He was accused of being their for cheap labor which he flat out denied as he created the company to improve the world not to make a fortune.[1]

Peter and Lian Tang were dining upon the rooftop of Parker Industries, Shanghai when Shen Quinghao arrived. While giving Mr. Quinghao a tour of the facility, the Shanghai Police came calling to discuss the Inner Demons selling a new drug in the city. Peter tasked Dr. Wu with finding a counter-agent to Shade, before retiring to his office for some rest where he was ambushed by Cloak and Dagger who were working with Mister Negative.[2]

Phillip Chang later analyzed the energy signature of the Zodiac Key from Parker Industries, Shanghai; however, with global communications systems down, he was unable to relay his findings to Spider-Man.[3]

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