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Quote1 Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Quote2
The Parliament[src]


Quote1 Do you know how many times I've beaten you? Do you have any idea--how many times I've made you my slave? Quote2
Reed Richards of Earth-12498 to Doctor Doom of Earth-616[src]
Parliament of Doom (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Vol 1 571 001

The Council of Reeds' collection of Doctor Dooms

To solve the problem of Doctor Doom, the Interdimensional Council of Reeds destroyed the higher brain functions of Doctor Dooms across the Multiverse. They kept the Dooms in the Hole deep below the main council chamber.[2] Later, Valeria Richards stumbled upon them when she used the Bridge and found the Council of Reeds being wiped out by the Mad Celestials.[3]

Before facing the menacing Mad Celestials, Valeria told Doctor Doom that a little prize awaited him if he succeeded in buying time for the Future Foundation by battling this threat. After his apparent death, Doom woke up in the ruins of the former base of the Council of Reeds, who had been destroyed by the Mad Celestials. He found himself among many versions of himself from other universes, who had been lobotomized and captured by the former Council. After stealing Infinity Gauntlets from two of the dead Reeds, Doom was praised as a leader by his counterparts.[1]

Doom used one of the Infinity Gauntlets he had taken to rule Earth-98570, the reality of one of the dead Reeds. However, he got overthrown by his own creations and had to be rescued by the Richards family. Doom was caught at the Bridge's entrance after escaping Earth-98570 and the Parliament of Doom helped free Doom, but the Bridge was destroyed after the other Dooms entered Earth-98570, trapping them there.[4]

A similar conference of peers met at the Nativity of Doom where, despite interference by the Fantastic Four members Mister Fantastic and the Thing, they assured the birth of Doom.[5]




  • Earth-616's Doctor Doom almost becomes one of these brain-damaged Dooms when Reed Richards of Earth-12498 bested him and placed a collar on him. However, Reed-12498 decided not to activate the collar as Doom was more useful to him undamaged.[6]
  • Doom-616 would have been a fan of the Council of Reeds, if not for their mistreatment of Dooms.[7]

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