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Parliament of Doom[1]
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Council of Doom
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The Council
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Formed when Doctor Doom from Earth-616 found lobotomized versions of himself in the ruins of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds
Information-silk Place of Formation
The Council (The Hole)
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Quote1 Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Doom! Quote2
-- The Parliament


Before facing the menacing Mad Celestials from another universe, Valeria Richards told Doctor Doom that a little prize awaited him if he succeeded in buying time for the Future Foundation by battling this threat.

After his apparent death, Doom woke up in the ruins of the former base of the Council of Reeds, where the battle against the Mad Celestials was carried out. He found himself among many versions of himself from other universes, who were lobotomized and captured by the Council. Also possessing two different Infinity Gauntlets from other universes, Doom was praised as a leader by his counterparts.[1]

A similar conference of peers met at the Nativity of Doom where, despite interference from the Fantastic Four members Mister Fantastic and the Thing, they assured the birth of Doom. [2]


Equipment: * Doctor Doom of Earth-616, the leader, possesses two different Infinity Gauntlets from two different universes.

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