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Parnell Jacobs knew Jim Rhodes, the previous War Machine, from his military days. He became a freelance mercenary after being discharged. Rhodes declined to join him, remarking that Parnell was now working for the 'scum that you and I joined the Corps to fight against'. Parnell became wealthy as a result of his mercenary activities and bought a number of luxuries for himself and his wife Glenda.

Parnell Jacobs (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 3 19 001

As War Machine

How Parnell came to associate with Stuart Clarke is unknown. He claims he found the lost War Machine armor and decided to use it rather than sell it.

He was drawn into conflict with Iron Man when ordered by Sunset Bain to attack a firm Tony Stark was scheduled to do consultation work for. Rhodes immediately alerted Stark. Even with Warbird assisting the injured Iron Man, Parnell was able to destroy the firm and escape the heroes.

Rhodes was able to identify Parnell after hearing a phrase he used on the news broadcast: "It looks like you weren't ready to play the game today."

After a second battle with Iron Man and subsequent confrontation with Rhodes and Glenda, Parnell abandoned his employer. He retained the War Machine armor although he discarded some additional weaponry Clarke had developed for it. Parnell's current whereabouts are unknown.


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(In armor) Superhuman strength and durability, flight, sensors, various weapons.


USAF pilot training



  • War Machine Armor Model 2: Parnell wore a version of the War Machine Armor which granted him various superhuman abilities.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: The armor enhanced his strength and enabled him to lift 100 tons.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: The armor was constucted from a titanium composition and was specially coated to avoid radar detection and targeting locks.[1]
    • Flight: The armor could fly and could reach a speed of Mach 2.[1]
    • Repulsor Rays: The armor could fire repulsor rays from its gauntlets.[1]
    • Unibeam: The armor could fire light beams from every spectrum.[1]
    • Laser Beam[1]
    • EMPs: The armor could generate EMPs capable of shutting down all electronic devices in a 50 yards radius.[1]
    • Miniguns[1]
    • Missiles[1]
    • Energy Sword[1]

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