The Parrot-Men are a race of savage and primitive warriors from the planet Sunev who seek to take over the planet from the more peaceful and technologically advanced Birdmen. Their chief spy was the Birdman traitor General Roudo who attempted to frame Earthmen Zephyr Jones and Corky Grogan as spies, leaving the kingdom of the Birdmen open for attack.

However, shortly after the attack, Zephyr and Corky were freed by Princess Tonka and with their guns -- the likes of which the Parrot-Men have never seen -- fought off the invaders sending them to flee. Roudo was exposed as a traitor and executed. Zephyr left the Birdmen with the knowledge to build guns of their own so that the Parrot-Men would menace them no further.[1]

Powers and Abilities


All Parrot-Men have wings enabling flight, presumably they have physical adaptations similar to other avian humanoids


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Level of Technology: Primitive


While Sunev's connection to Earth is questionable, it is not an impossibility. The Parrot-Men could potentially be an offshoot of an Earth based avian race such as the Bird People.

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