Not much is known about the past of the Parrot, or how he ended up with a beak like facial deformity that earned his namesake. A notorious criminal, he was incarcerated in the early 1940's. He was cell mates with a man named Culfam, a criminal member of a group known as the Fire-Men who had been captured by the Human Torch a year earlier. Seeking to break out of prison, the Parrot formed an alliance with Culfam and had the disgraced Fire-Man teach him his order's secrets. However, when the duo broke out of their cell, the Parrot betrayed Culfan and left him to get gunned down by the prison guards. Although the Parrot escaped, Culfam tipped off the Torch and his partner Toro before dying.

The Parrot openly taunted the Torch, telling the hero that he intended on robbing an opera house. There, the Parrot managed to capture the Torch. About to behead the hero with a guillotine, the Parrot was foiled by the intervention of Toro who freed his mentor. The duo then managed to capture the Parrot and return him to prison. However, the Parrot vowed to be free before meeting his end in the electric chair.[1]

However, instead of being sentenced to death the judge sentenced the Parrot to life in prison, and he was escorted to Alcatraz by the Torch. The Parrot's minions attempted to break him free before he could be transferred to train headed to California; however, this attempt was thwarted. The Torch accompanied the Parrot on the train on an unrelated matter -- accompanying government research chemist Professor Mason to find a deposit of sulfur for the Defense Department. The Parrot broke free and with his minions attempted to claim the sulfur mine themselves. The Human Torch and Toro intervened and when overpowered, the Parrot attempted to flee in a vehicle. When the Torch melted his way into the car, he frightened the Parrot, causing him to crash. The Torch reported that the crash had killed the Parrot.[2]


The Parrot has learned the secrets of the ancient Fire-Men, which makes him resistant to being burned by fire.


The Parrot was skilled at training parrots to carry out simple tasks such as delivering messages.


Various firearms.

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