Not much is known regarding the past of the man known as the Parson. He is a member of a religious cult ruled by former Nazi-turned-religious-fanatic Master Man, who has taken over much of the Western United States rechristening it Calivada. He has a thorough (if not biased) understanding of the relationship between Conner "Rebel" O'Reilly Blue Skye suggesting some kind of relationship. The nature of which remains unrevealed.

In recent times when Rebel was a member of Pepper Potts rebellion against Master Man, the Parson would be sent to ambush the group. This ambush was successful in part thanks to the assistance of the traitorous Michka Rose. During the battle between Parson and Rebel, Parson would mock Rebel for the supposed abandonment and defiling of Skye and try to convince him to renounce his ways and join Master Man's church. Rebel would refuse, and Michka Rose, realizing where her true loyalties where would use her powers against Parson. He would strike back seriously wounding her, causing Rebel (realizing Michka's love for him) to fight back and nearly kill Parson.

Before he could do so, the Parson would offer him the location of Blue Skye in exchange for his life. Rebel would take him up on the offer, allowing Parson to teleport away. Rebel would arrive at the location only to find a boy with a sign reading "Yours" tied around his neck. The current fate and whereabouts of Parson remain unrevealed.[citation needed]

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