Quote1 We go to build the future, Jacob. Create. Innovate. Eradicate. Quote2
-- Zero/One src

Dr. Parul Kurinji exposed herself to a techno-virus corrupted by MODOK, intending to stop the spread of infection. Red Hulk interrupted the exposure, accidentally turning Dr. Kurinji into the machine hybrid creature called Zero/One. She forcibly recruited her former assistant Jacob Feinman to work with her.

Parul Kurinji (Earth-616) Hulk Vol 2 25

Before her transformation

Zero/One had the goal of reshaping the world as she had been reshaped. Viewing the Red Hulk as the major obstacle to this goal, she set out to destroy him. She found the urban legend called Black Fog and enhanced him, giving him the abilities the rumors had attributed to him. She then sent Black Fog after the Red Hulk.

When the Serpent invaded Midgard, Zero/One teamed up with M.O.D.O.K. Superior to fight them. Zero/One then returned to her work. The Red Hulk, with the assistance of Red She-Hulk and Machine Man, tracked down Zero/One's mobile seabase. Zero/One and her technozombie crew had the upperhand but were defeated when Jacob gave information to Machine Man that enabled him to disrupt her control over her servants. Zero/One fled, taking Jacob with her, unaware that he had betrayed her.


  • Shape-Shifting: As Zero/One she is capable of reshaping her limbs into weapons.
  • Energy Projection: She can turn her arms in weapons capable of shooting powerful energy blasts.[2]
  • Force Fields: She can project defensive force fields.[2]
  • Flight: Has been shown to levitate several feet from the ground.
  • Chronokinesis: As Zero/One she is able to sync-phase from reality, making herself undetectable and untouchable, she is also able to perceive others being capable of sync-phasing like Uravo the Watcher and can see other people's past.[3]

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