Paste Pop Peep was among the many villains recruited by the Chinese evil mastermind known as Mandaringtail -then using the monniker "master planner" to avoid being traced prematurely. The Mandaringtail aimed to obtain an American radioactive isotope that would give them power enough to create a number of atomic bombs, which would be transported around the world in a contrived plan. The item had reached the hands of Chinese restaurant owner Sum Lo Duck in New York City, and Peep was sent to pick it up. Peep reached the restaurant in his car and incognito, then noticed that Duck was too nervous and that agents of paramilitary organization S.H.E.E.P. were watching from nearby roofs. Peep suspected that Duck had betrayed the planner, although Duck denied it. Ambushed when leaving the shop, but far from surprised, Peep confronted four S.H.E.E.P. agents, including high-ranking officers Nick Furry and Dodo Dugan. Peep stick them all to the floor using his glue. To prevent Furry from shooting at him, Peep knocked down a bystander and used him as a human shield—all of them unaware that the innocent bystander was Peter Porker, secretly the super-hero Spider-Ham. Peep ran away with Porker in his car, leaving Furry and the others behind, unable to move for several hours. Furry, however, phoned several superheroes, asking for their help.[1]

Peep met his partner-in-crime Baron Zebro, who was waiting for him in a delta-wing aerospace rocketcraft to run away to the following point. Zebro initially complained about the unexpected hostage, but agreed to take him to the following point. Dodging Captain Americat, Zebro piloted the ship to the Oregon Coast and met Mad Stinker and his Ham-droid, who were waiting for them in a submarine, who took them all to China, getting rid of another metahuman, Doc Clamson, in the process. As Porker woke up during the trip, Zebro and Peep imprisioned Porker in the same trunk they used to carry the isotope.[1]

In China, they joined supervillain Magsquito, who transported the team in a hovering platform - he also stopped superhero Iron Mouse, who tried to stop them. Finally reaching the Castle Sanctum of the master planner, Peep and his allies gave the isotope to the Mandaringtail, only for the Mandaringtail to betray them and throw them to the dungeons. However, the Mandaringtail then confronted Spider-Ham and was defeated, and then arrested by S.H.E.E.P. Spider-Ham told Furry about other criminals, including Peep, in the dungeons.[1]


Beyond his gun and adhesive, Paste Pot Peep also has a camouflage disguise with a trenchcoat and a fedore to hide his identity and the fact that he's wearing a huge backpack.[1]


Paste Pot Peep has a jet-powered car for escapes. The Master Planner provided him with other vehicles.[1]


  • Paste-Gun: Paste Pot Peep wears a paste gun that shoots a stream of glue supplied by a canister worn at his back. The adhesive drieds instantly and is virtually unbreakable and flameproof, dissolving only after hours. He is accomplished with the use of his gun to trap his opponents' limbs, particularly their feet.[1]
  • Peep addressed his teammate Baron Zebro simply as "Zebro", before the Baron corrected him with the full name.[1]
  • Baron Zebro claimed that Peep's species was prone to flightiness - which may be true or simply Zebro's opinion.[1]

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