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Patanga, the City of Fire was a city on the continent of Lemuria, located on the west coast of Ptartha, near the border with Kovia, half a million years ago. The city had an evil reputation, and was the dwelling of Yamath the Firegod. Its sarkaja (queen), Sumia Chond, was involved in the quest of Thongor to destroy the Dragon Kings.


Patanga was a city of evil reputation.[1] on the continent of Lemuria, located on the west coast of Ptartha, near the border with Kovia,[2] half a million years ago.

The city was ruled by sarks. It was the dwelling of the Firegod Yamath, and the Eternal Fire was set in the Crypts of Yamaths. His clergy, the Yellow Druids,[3] eventually came to the city. The Archdruid and prophet of Yamath Vaspas Ptol slew the sark, usurped the throne, asked three time for the hand of the sark's daughter's, the sarkaja Sumia Chond, and imprisoned her. The druids thus became the masters of the city.[4]

Sharajsha of Zaar and the Valkarthan warrior Thongor infiltrated the place to forge a second Star Sword from a fragment of the Star Stone, which required to dip the Stone in the Eternal Fire. Thongor battled yellow druids and guards until Sharajsha finished crafting the Second Star Sword. At this instant, both were knocked out by the drugged[3] Sleep Vapors and thrown in the same cell as Sumia Chond. The Archdruid had them to be executed, but Thongor fought their way out, killing the Archdruid on the way, and the they were extracted aboard the Nemedis manned by Karm Kavus, the exiled prince of Tsargol. The two deposed monarchs soon grew close.[4]

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  • Patanga was created by Lin Carter in "The Wizard of Lemuria".

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