Trish came into the world of the X-Men when she began investigating X-Factor, who at the time were masquerading as mutant hunters. With help from Mystique, she uncovered Angel's financial backing of X-Factor Inc. and broke the story to the public.[1][2] Later, she reported on X-Factor's victory over Apocalypse, and began to fall in love with Beast.[3] Eventually, the two began a tumultuous relationship.[4]

Trish's ethical duty to search for the truth began to clash with the X-Teams shroud of secrecy, even if both shared a common goal of human-mutant co-existence. Their different ideologies conflicted when Trish reported on Moira MacTaggart becoming the first human infected with the Legacy Virus.[5] Beast saw this as betrayal that resulted in a rise in anti-mutant sentiment, and dumped Trish. The two reconciled after Hank was kidnapped by Dark Beast.

Soon after, Trish joined the X-Men in space in a battle against the Phalanx. Upon returning to Earth, she was also an unwilling participant in the "Trial of Gambit".[6]

After Beast underwent a Secondary Mutation and took on a more feline appearance, Trish ended their relationship fearing ridicule and damage to her reputation,[7] but on M-Day, she pledged Bishop to ask Beast to call her.[8]

Power Grid[9]
Energy Projection1
Fighting Skills1


Trish is a skilled television reporter, investigative journalist, and photographer.

Strength level

Normal human female with moderate regular exercise.


Conventional automobiles.

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