Patricia Walker was a former child star and Teen Choice Award Winner Patsy Walker, from the television series It's Patsy, and has since adopted another nickname, Trish, to become the host of popular radio talk show Trish Talk. She is the best friend/adoptive sister of Jessica Jones. Unknown events have made Walker paranoid enough to turn her house into a fortress complete with a safe room and 24-hour surveillance, and pick up Krav Maga.

Trish had a love-hate relationship with her mother, Dorothy Walker, who emotionally and physically abused her in an attempt to make her successful and wealthy. She was also secretly jealous of her abrasive adopted sister Jessica's superpowers, which led her to use Simpson's steroids and undergo the same procedure that gave Jessica her powers. Trish's drug-addled black-and-white moral code led her to kill Jessica's mother in cold blood, forming a rift between them that only began to heal after Trish developed superpowers of her own. However, Gregory Sallinger's murder of Dorothy sent Trish on a downward spiral, leading to her being consumed by grief and rage until she began murdering criminals in order to make the world a better place. Enraged by Jessica revealing her identity to the world following her vengeful murder of Sallinger, Trish attempted to kill her adopted sister but was knocked out and set to the Raft.


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Envious of Jones's powers, Walker convinced Karl Malus to treat her to get powers like those of her sister. After realizing her powers developed, she trained and exercised herself at a park and gym to test the limits of her condition and overcame the extension of her given enhancements.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Upon recovery from the procedure done to her by Malus, Walker developed faster than normal reflexes. When bumped by a resident at Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, she was able to catch her phone with her foot, before it could shatter on the floor and then she returned it to her hands. She even deflected strikes from the knife Sallinger swung at her with and avoided them with ease. Her reflexes were also fast enough to dodge multiple hits of a baseball bat, wrench, and gunfire with no mark placed on her.
  • Enhanced Agility: After realizing her powers developed, she tested her body coordination through parkour obstacles which is beyond that of Olympic-level feats to maintain excellent balance, flexibility, and agility while standing on a pole with one leg then perform a backflip off a wall. She effortlessly backflipped from Jessica grabbing her, and after obtaining information from the art gallery’s computer in time before the Tour Guild returned and she quickly front flip over back to her seat. Walker was able to have Jeri Hogarth pinned against the wall to the throat with her leg extended.
  • Enhanced Speed: Walker’s speed is superior compared to a normal human's, enabling her to run for miles quicker towards further distances. She demonstrates this ability when she followed the police scanner app on her cellphone to reach the destination of a bank robbery located on 9th Avenue and 45th to then sprint blocks towards it all the way from 9th Avenue West 56 St without tiring due to her stamina and endurance.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Trish’s resilience and stamina became enhanced which allows her to withstand suffering from painful and stressful situations beyond that of an average human. Her body was able to remain active after exercising at mountain climber and had enough exertion to continue her first mission in Vigilantism, she took a hit from Jones which blew her to the floor but recovered from it and when assisting her investigation, she jumped off the roof of a building without sustaining any discomfort when landing to the ground. Upon her next act as being a Vigilante, she was being photo-shot by a photographer who got out of a taxi under a bridge and witnessed her leaping down to the surface unharmed.
  • Peak Human Strength: Trish has shown to possess impressive feats of peak potential strength, beyond what would be capable of a normal woman of her size and build. She tossed a person few meters from her position hard enough to cause their face to bleed easily, knocked unconscious, or impaled by anything they carried for weapons, caved through wooden objects, the top of an elevator shaft, and kicked an electrical generator hard enough to short circuit the electricity in the lights.

  • Enhanced Vision: Similar to the inhaler, Walker's visual system have caused her vision to be greatly improved to the point of allowing her to fully see objects even in the darkness of the night. After breaking into Sallinger's apartment, she entered the room in complete darkness and her vision viewed everything in bright clear color, allowing Trish to then spot him running towards her. She also was able to overpower Jessica when she destroyed the electrical generator to turn all the lights off and use her vision to aid against it.


  • Martial Arts: Trish is trained in the art of Krav Maga.
  • Expert Acrobat: Walker is shown to be a highly skilled acrobat. She can perform backflips off of walls, front flip into chairs, and even use her acrobatics in combat, demonstrated when she first kicked a man, then landed a second kick and used him to propel herself into a backflip. Due to her heightened agility, her acrobatics come naturally to her and thus make her a highly mobile combatant, which grants her a high edge in combat.
  • Marksmanship: Trish appeared to be proficiently skilled in using firearms, as she used the revolver given to her by Will Simpson to shoot Kilgrave in his arm. Also, from a considerable amount of distance, she was also capable of assassinating Alisa Jones while she was onboard the ferris wheel in Playland via shooting her directly in the head.
  • Investigator: Walker singlehandedly exposed IGH's illegal activities. When she became a masked vigilante, she effectively followed clues and information, such as Sal Blaskowski's criminal records when trying to determine the identity of the individual who stabbed Jessica.
  • Bilingualism: Trish can speak both English and French.

Strength level

Trish is as strong as a woman of her age who engages in regular exercise.


  • Stimulant pills: using a combination of her martial arts skill and red pills she was able to take down Simpson.
  • Trish wore a red wig for her show and was depicted with red hair in the associated tie-in comic series. This is a reference to the Patsy Walker from the comics, aka Hellcat.
  • Trish and her show Trish Talk have a cameo in Marvel's Luke Cage, however she doesn't appear in person.[1]
  • Ironically in the comic Patsy Walker #100, one of the fans of her comic demanded to see Patsy as a blonde.
  • One episode had Trish wearing the Cat Suit from the comics, to which she responded "Hell no".[2]
  • Rachael Taylor previously portrayed Teri Richards in the 2005 film Man-Thing.

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