Patricia Walker was a former child star and Teen Choice Award Winner Patsy Walker, from the television series It's Patsy, and has since adopted another nickname, Trish, to become the host of popular radio talk show Trish Talk. She is the best friend/adoptive sister of Jessica Jones. Unknown events have made Walker paranoid enough to turn her house into a fortress complete with a safe room, and 24 hour surveillance, and pick up Krav Maga.


  • Enhanced Reflexes: After enforcing Dr. Karl Malus to experiment on her for powers, Trish had survived through the operation and gained the ability for her senses to react more drastically towards many movements to anticipate in the environment around herself more faster than the average human.


  • Martial Arts: Trish is trained in the art of Krav Maga.

Strength level

Trish is as strong as a woman of her age who engages in regular exercise.


  • Stimulant pills: using a combination of her martial arts skill and red pills she was able to take down Simpson.
  • Trish wore a red wig for her show and was depicted with red hair in the associated tie-in comic series. This is a reference to the Patsy Walker from the comics, aka Hellcat.
  • Trish and her show Trish Talk have a cameo in Marvel's Luke Cage, however she doesn't appear in person.[1]
  • Ironically in the comic Patsy Walker #100, one of the fans of her comic demanded to see Patsy as a blonde.
  • Rachel Taylor previously portrayed Teri Richards in the 2005 film Man-Thing.

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