Patricia Walker grew up in Centerville and had comedic teenage adventures with her boyfriend Buzz Baxter, her friend Hedy who was also her rival for Buzz's affections and her other friend Nan. The stories also featured Patsy's parents and boy brother. Patsy's mother Dorothy tried to keep strict control over everything in the plot and get money of this.[1] Eventually, the teenage comedy failed to go on and Patsy became the superheroine Hellcat aka Catsy and Hell-kitten. She married Buzz, but he became a supervillain and they divorced, her parents died, and whenever she returned to Centerville, the plot and art style swapped between superhero and teen comedy. She eventually discovered that Dorothy, although dead, had broken the fourth wall and was trying to control her life again. Patsy literally ripped her mother of the comic-book and took control of her own adventure, switching between superhero and teen comedy whenever she wanted.[1] Needing money for the divorce from a second husband Daimon "Demon" Ol'pal, Patsy became a waitress at Bud's Sud and, when Bud needed money for the rent, she arranged a charity show, which succeded in rising the money. She also reconciled with Demon.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Agility and the ability to break the fourth wall at a limited extent.[1]

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