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Eli Bradley's shield

Eli Bradley's Shield

Patriot wields a shield that is a replica of Captain America's original shield. It was given to him by Hawkeye, when he had to return Captain America's original shield back to him.[1] It resembles the traditional shield found in the Seal of the United States. Due to being a replica, it can be assumed to be made from steel instead of Vibranium.[1]

Rayshaun Lucas's Shield

When Steve Rogers revealed himself to be Hydra and seized firm control of the United States of America thanks to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Act, Rayshaun Lucas ended up getting a secret file which explained what Kobik had done to rewrite Captain America's history. Shaun reached out to the Underground and he gave the files to the Tony Stark A.I..[2]

To thank Shaun for restoring his hope, Tony grabbed Shaun's designs for a new Patriot and built him a new shield that is also a glider and a drone.[3]

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