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The true origins of this entity are unknown.[2] He originally appeared stealing components from the company where Speed and Prodigy worked. To find out his true identity, Speed and Prodigy staked out the warehouse, which resulted in Speed's disappearance as soon as he entered in contact with the entity. When Prodigy asked what he wanted, the entity suggested he wanted him to take over as Patriot. David refused the proposition, and the entity stated "denial" before disappearing.[3]

To rescue him, Prodigy recruited the Young Avengers and followed the Patriot across the Multiverse.[3][4] It was later discovered the Patriot was working with Mother and Leah.[4][5]

Patriot leading the Young Avengers into a chase across the Multiverse

During the New Year's Eve party following the climatic battle against Mother's forces, Patriot re-appeared to confront David. Prodigy theorized aloud that this Patriot was an echo from the future, and that a member of the Young Avengers would sacrifice their existence, become him due to Wiccan's actions, and that he was in the present to ensure his future came to pass. David concluded that he could be the one to become Patriot and sacrifice his existence. This caused the entity to start fading away, telling him that he would find out. Prodigy stopped him and demanded to know where Speed had gone. The entity positioned itself to kiss Prodigy, and David kissed it, stating he was no longer scared of him. As soon as Patriot and Prodigy shared the kiss, Speed appeared in the place of the entity.[2]



The source and extent of the Patriot's powers are undefined, but he has exhibited the following abilities:


Patriot disappearing

  • Prodigy theorized that this Patriot may be a future version of himself who sacrificed his humanity to travel into the past, unite the Young Avengers, and lead them across the Multiverse.[2]
  • The Patri-not may also have been a manifestation of David's shame surrounding his bisexuality and his attraction to both Tommy and Teddy Altman.

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