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The Patriot Garrison is a democracy, where many have held the office of President, often coinciding with holding the mantle of Captain America. There are no "citizens" in the Patriot Garrison, there are only soldiers, spies, scientists, and support staff. Every individual pulls their weight for the goal of a greater good; every task is focused on the "betterment" of humanity in every possible way. Theirs is a country forever preparing for their next battle; a nation always standing guard.[1]


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This land is made of shattered pieces from an alternate world where it was Howard Stark, not Dr. Erskine, who was shot while Steve Rogers first became the hero known as Captain America. The growing S.S.R. organization's technological development was cut short with the loss of Stark, so their focus turned from firepower to manpower thanks to the work of Dr. Erskine's super soldier serum. Erskine became key in deciding who would gain access to his serum, including many members of a group known as The Howling Commandos.[1]

When their reality was torn asunder to be part of the Battleworld, the collected forces of the Garrison immediately looked to unseat the mad dictator Maestro. It was Steve Rogers who once again lead a charge to enforce the will of democracy on this seemingly lawless land. Clad in armor which was created from the few remaining Stark plans, he now called himself the Civil Warrior. Sadly, their rebellion managed only to enrage the green goliath. Maestro struck down the Civil Warrior, scattered the rebelling forces, and used his might to literally freeze the Garrison in time while he considered a more suitable punishment.[1]

With the mysterious death of the Maestro the Garrison marches once again. A new President was quickly elected to lead the troops against the new challenge of a Battleworld without a ruler. Many look at this newly elected Baron as a cool-headed diplomat who isn't afraid to plant themselves firmly and stand true to their beliefs, but others seek a more blood-thirsty Commander-in-Chief who is ready to take preemptive action to defend the many territories which the Garrison lays claim to. The Patriot Garrison itself is in a strategic position amongst some of the most powerful houses in Battleworld. The populace hope to be a force for justice, but there are dark corners of the Garrison who perhaps thirst for power and expansion of their own. Nevertheless, the chaotic Battleworld is in need of their moral strength now more than ever, particularly as a counterpoint to the expanding House of Iron.[1]

The house stole Vibranium from Wakanda to make prisons.[2]





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