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The Patriots, a paranoid and xenophobic group. They were created when the Shaper of Worlds altered reality on behalf of Andrew "Slugger" Johnson, a former private security guard for millionaire Gregory Gideon with an affectation for the 1950s. Based off 1950s Cold War and Communist fear mongering. They were afraid of the Wild Ones a motorcycle gang and their "Youthie" movement. The two sides clashed in the hopes of obtaining the Warhead a powerful weapon created by a man known as the Brain. The Patriots had an entire class of African-American workers who were nearly invisible to the Patriots, and lived in squalor below the massive bomb shelter that was their home.

Unaffected by the reality warp were members of the Fantastic Four and their ally Thomas Gideon. Caught in between a battle between the Wild Ones and the Patriots, Johnson's reality warp affected the minds of the younger members of the team. When the Wild Ones were forced to retreat, they took the Human Torch, Medusa and Thomas Gideon with them. Meanwhile Mister Fantastic and the Thing were taken to be questioned by their leader Senator McHammer. The Patriots brainwashed Reed and Ben to go after the Warhead for them. [1]

The led to another clash with Wild Ones, who had the Torch and Medusa on their sides. Johnson, having taken the role of the Brain, unleashed the Warhead in a fleeting effort to maintain his picturesque version of reality. Ultimately the Wild Ones and Patriots worked together to destroy the Warhead alongside the Fantastic Four. The two groups were then confronted by a group of African-Americans who were marginalized members of Johnson's illusion. When forced to face an impending Civil Rights movement, the Wild Ones and Patriots conceded to this, shattering Johnson's illusion, causing it to cease to exist. [2]

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