Quote1.png Ladies, listen. If I could retrieve her, I would. Unfortunadely... her only way out is through him. Quote2.png
-- Daimon Hellstrom

Appearing in "Hell... Or Something Like It."

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Synopsis for "Hell... Or Something Like It."

In the hellish landscape, Hellcat talks to "She-Hulk", who then says Patsy "got herself into this mess". Hellcat defends herself saying she's only there because Hedy lied to Daimon - and Jen becomes Hedy, and the surroundings are the Centerville High School where Patsy and Hedy studied.

Back on Earth, Jubilee puts Daimon and Patsy's other ex Mad-Dog to senses, making them notice Hedy was really lying to both. Soon they're joined by Sharon King, Tom Hale, and Ian Soo, who were still hiding in the club Mad-Dog wrecked looking for Hellcat. Daimon explains that Patsy is now in a dimension ruled by Belial, a demon of lies, and he cannot retrieve her - Patsy must free herself.

Belial is still talking with Patsy about her failed marriages, and says that he knows quite a bit about Hellcat's story given her mother tried to sell her soul to a demon in Montclair, and Patsy's twice been to the underworld. He asks Patsy to embrace her inner demons, pay back all the pain she suffered, and amass amazing power. Patsy rejects his offer and asks him to reveal his true face. Belial reveals his demonic nature and Patsy asks him to show what he can do outside "your fun house mirrors".

Both are transported back to Brooklyn, where Belial says that he's come to claim Patsy as his own. Jubilee punches him, and then Hellstrom blocks an attack from Belial with his trident. Daimon admits he was overhasty in sending Patsy to Belial's domain, and then the demon is engulfed by Ian's telekinetic powers. The floating Belial is then sent back to his dimension to Daimon, but not before he taunts Patsy by saying she will be consumed by her hatred and then ask for his help for revenge. Daimon and Mad-Dog have a brief argument before being forced to apologize to Patsy, and everyone goes back to the club to clean up the mess.

On a nearby rooftop, Black Cat says to an underling that because Patsy is still on the streets while "everyone's fighting aliens and each other", she is a problem for her schemes and must be taken out.

Solicit Synopsis

• Boy problems. Who’s got ‘em? Patsy Walker, that’s who.

• Let’s get lost in the final issue of our second arc (what?!) as Patsy makes the most of the fight against her (mostly) evil exes.

• Hellcat didn’t just come here to dance — she came to save her friends and save the day!

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