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Black Cat

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Synopsis for 1st story

Ian Soo and his ex-girlfriend, Zoe, are fighting down in the street while Hellcat tries holding back their violence. Zoe leaves when fellow gang member, Jin, receives a message from boss Black Cat, and then Patsy goes back to her apartment with Ian. There Ian tells how bad things were with Zoe back when she left him, and decides he will stop holding back his powers and use them to stop the Black Cats. Things are interrupted by Jubilee calling Patsy, warning her of the Black Cats' location.

Once Black Cat managed to solve how to get people out of Attaché's Bag of Infinite Capacity, she went with her minions to rob the Ishioka Museum of Costume Design. Once Hellcat and Ian - the latter in a leather jacket proper of a superhero - join Jubilee outside the museum, they get inside and defeat Zoe, who says Ian's jacket was hers, and fellow henchman, Ari. Bailey is ecstatic to hear Patsy has arrived, but then she is knocked out by Black Cat. Hellcat grabs the headset of one of the Black Cats asking Felicia to surrender. Black Cat then arrives saying she is not willing to do so, but would consider a trade - while showing that Bailey is now wearing the gang's costumes.

Solicit Synopsis

• No cat puns here, I promise: Hellcat and Black Cat face off as our heroine and friends fight to save the city from cat-astrophe!

• They — oh, wait. I did it, didn’t I? I cat-punned. Dangit! Okay, okay, hear me out: Patsy puts Felicia’s schemes on paws when she — WAIT, I SWEAR I CAN DO THIS. DON’T PRINT.


Patsy's ringtone for Jubilee is Katy Perry's "Firework".

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