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Quote1.png Still, I gotta hand it to you, pal -- that is the nastiest power I've ever seen. Or, okay, at least the third nastiest. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

While returning home, Patsy Walker tells roommate Ian Soo and friend Tom Hale about Casiolena, an old enemy who has returned. Once they arrive at Patsy and Ian's building, the landlord, Mr. Ravina, is driving away two leaving tenants. They are unimpressed by Ravina's rude behavior, but become infatuated by his hunky son, Federigo. Ian tries to talk Patsy out of romancing Federigo, saying his father expells anyone who he does not like and and holds on to security deposits, "like some weird scam".

That night, Patsy is hit with a rash that ticks off her psychic sensibility. Given Ian has the same, she concludes it's caused by bedbugs. She knocks on Mr. Ravina's door claiming the bugs are an infestation to drive people away, and he berates her asking for proof they are unnatural. Looking for help, Patsy takes Ian to the Sanctum Sanctorum, home of her old Defenders team mate, Doctor Strange. She tells Strange about the bedbugs, and that she could sense "something was controlling them, or someone", leading Strange to give her a boost on Hellcat's powers. Running back to the building, she finds Mr. Ravina telling Federigo that the apartment is empty, and thus the son needs to get inside and steal Patsy and Ian's properties, to "prove himself to his new boss". Hellcat is waiting for Federigo in the corridor, leading him to reveal a power: he summons and controls bedbugs. A grossed out Hellcat kicks him out the window into a neighbor building. Both fight, with Hellcat trying to talk Federigo out of this criminal plans. Mr. Ravina comes to the balcony and screams at Federigo, saying he will get himself killed. Most of the tenants end awakened, leading Hellcat to grab Federigo and jump back to her place.

Gathering everyone on the corridor, Hellcat manages to get Federigo to confess the infestation was engineered so his father could force people out in order to keep their money, and decide that he will take over the building's management to solve the problem. Retreating to the Ravinas' apartment, Hellcat discovers Mr. Ravina wanted to make Federigo do something with his powers so he could get "powerful allies", as a woman he heard of at his poker club wanted to hire people with abilities that had a proven crime. Hellcat convinces Federigo to use his powers in another more useful way, creating an exterminator company. As the next day Federigo shows up at Patsy's apartment, she declines his invitation for dinner, as "he summons bedbugs, I've got standards." Then Patsy's phone rings: it's Hedy, with "some bad news".

Solicit Synopsis

• Hellcat and her pals deal with the true scourge of New York City: BEDBUGS. Plus, Patsy gets another job and tries online dating. Which of these horrors is worst?! Find out in the most third issue so far of Patsy Walker, A.K.A. HELLCAT!


This story is reprinted on Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1: Hooked On A Feline.


  • Patsy's ringtone is Sleigh Bells' "Demons". Kate Leth was amused to see the character's incarnation in Marvel's Jessica Jones listening to the same song in an episode, "it felt like a good tie-in between the real life Trish and the comic Patsy. Even if they're wildly different, they both love angry girl jams."[1][2]
  • A pizza place in the first panel reads "That's a Spicy Wolverine", featuring as a logo a pizza pie with the three claws.

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