Quote1.png Casiolena's in town. She knows you know, and she knows you know she knows. Quote2.png
-- Girl with the Bag of Infinite Capacity

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Patsy Walker gets a desk job at Tara Tam's Wishful Inking. Along with the first costumer comes Tam's friend Howard the Duck, who reveals Tam is a friend of the Patsy Walker comics, and talks with Patsy about her plan to build a temp agency for the superpowered and how there's word on the street regarding "newbie super-specials joining up with some Asgardian magical baddie" - Casiolena, who Patsy admits that is not much unlike Enchantress "aside from her beef with me".

In her base at an abandoned Roosevelt Island hospital, Casiolena asks Bailey, the burglar with a bag of holding whom Patsy met in her retail job, on how her plans are progressing. Bailey reveals things are going slow because the gifted are not that willing to commit crimes, Casiolena remains obscure, and Hellcat is trying to help the superpowered out. Hearing about one of the Defenders who foiled years prior, Casiolena gets angry and tells his recruits to spread that along with the promises of power, those who join her army will also be rewarded with "cold, hard cash". She also orders Bailey to capture Hellcat.

After getting a tattoo of Hellcat's face on her shoulder, Patsy departs Wishful Inking for a legal encounter with Hedy Wolfe at She-Hulk's office. On the way, she's struck by Bailey, who reveals Casiolena is after her and tries grabbing the heroine. Hellcat proceeds to beat Bailey down, and call for Valkyrie's help, who arrives on Aragorn. The restrained Bailey proceeds to guide Hellcat and Valkyrie to Casiolena's hideout.

As a fearful Poppo declines on his order to take on the invaders, Casiolena traps the women in a magic cage. She then tells the prisoners how Bailey's call to arms led to a whole new slew of recruits proceeding to wreck havok in New York City, who are "young, vulnerable, with no direction" and fall for her promises of power. Valkyrie notes how Casiolena can't share any magic given she was banned from Asgard, and she replies "they don't know that". Casiolena then calls the rest of her army in the facility, telling Bailey to "bid farewell to your colleagues".

At Burly Books, Patsy's roommate Ian Soo receives a call from She-Hulk, as Patsy is late despite Hedy and her lawyers having arrived.

Solicit Synopsis


• Patsy gets a new job! No, a totally different one from last month!

• Fellow under-employed private investigator Howard the Duck stops by to complain and compare notes on the mysterious super villain recruiter in town.

• (Mostly just to complain though)


  • This story is reprinted on Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1: Hooked On A Feline.
  • This issue marks the first physical appearances of Casiolena and Poppo since 1979.


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