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Quote1.png Are you... are you guys really doing that "destroy the people who don't understand us because of our powers" bit? Because, I mean, historically, that doesn't end well for anyone. Quote2.png

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  • Tram to Roosevelt Island

Synopsis for 1st story

Hedy Wolfe is at Jennifer Walters' office in Brooklyn, and bothered how Patsy Walker is late for their meeting. Jen notes Patsy sometimes has "obligations" - in this case, she is being kept prisoner by old enemy Casiolena in Roosevelt Island. Casiolena's henchman Poppo has just restrained the winged horse Aragorn, and after disagreeing with the order to remove the prisoners' tongues, is told to just gag them with tape. Patsy, Bailey and Valkyrie proceed to subdue and wrap around in tape.

As Hedy tries to depart, Jen says "you step out that door and I'll make it much uglier than it needs to be". A heated argument regarding whether Patsy can get legal compensation regarding Patsy Walker comic despite her being absent as her mother died and passed the rights to Hedy ensues, being interrupted by the arrival of Patsy's roommate Ian Soo and childhood friend Tom Hale. Ian reveals Patsy activated an app on her cellphone that would give the location to Ian, and Jen departs, taking off her suit to reveal the She-Hulk costume underneath. On the subway, they come across Phil, one of Casiolena's recruits who is destroying the station.

Back in Roosevelt Island, Hellcat manages to get Casiolena angry by comparing her to Enchantress, and she attacks the prisoners and Poppo with a spell. She-Hulk and company then break into the facility on Aragorn, with Jen tackling Casiolena. Casiolena asks for Poppo's help, he declines, and the annoyed Asgardian tries to kill him with a boulder made out of debris, which is stopped by Ian's telekinesis. Hellcat then pounces on Casiolena, and Valkyrie and She-Hulk help restrain the sorceress. Casiolena tries to say the "wreckage has only begun" due to her army, and She-Hulk reveals Phil called them off on the mayhem as she convinced him Casiolena's magic could not help with things such as credit reports. Poppo then calls out on Casiolena, saying he was the one who called for help, having gotten fed up of the suffering caused by the Asgardian's cranky behavior. Hellcat convinces Bailey that she can use her powers for a steady job, and berates Casiolena once she tries to say some people will not be able to be helped. Valkyrie flies away on Aragorn while carrying Casiolena and Poppo, while the others take the tramway.

Back on Ideahive, Inc., Sharon King reveals she has turned the storage closet where Patsy lived in into The Patsy Walker Temp Agency. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Hedy attends Alias Investigations looking for someone to dig some dirt on Patsy's whereabouts. Jessica Jones replies "you've come to the right place."

Solicit Synopsis

• Hellcat's out of the bag! I guess she was never in one, but she IS trapped, along with her favorite shieldmaiden, VALKYRIE! Not only that, but she's late for a very important meeting with the infamous HEDY WOLFE.

• Can Patsy and friends make it out of this one? Answer: NO! They all die and the series is over.


•...Or is it?!?!


This story is reprinted on Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol. 1: Hooked On A Feline.


The font on the Patsy Walker Temp Agency door is the same of the old Patsy Walker titles.

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