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Quote1.png Sorry to tell you, Arcade, but you got your butt handed to you fair and square. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Patsy Walker's temp agency is up and running, but after she spends five days straight working, She-Hulk, Ian Soo and Tom Hale decide to take her on a break. They arrive at Coney Island, and at the arcade, Patsy goes after a dropped quarter as everyone else goes to the beach. From behind a machine Patsy hears a sinister arrival: Arcade, who says the place holds his first attempt at a Murderworld. After warning the others, they come back in time to stop Arcade from trying to dupe a kid. In turn, Arcade closes the doors and traps the four in the Murderworld, and uses a crane to grab Tom and set him as a reward. Arcade says that only if the remaining beat him in his old machines he will leave, without using superpowers.

Ian is the first to go, and a rigged racing arcade that electrocutes the driver easily beats him. She-Hulk, following Arcade's condition, turns back into Jen Walters as she's sent into a skeeball. Despite the machine throwing back the sent balls, Jen hits the "100 points" hole and has the ball strike Arcade's face. For Hellcat, Arcade goes for the strength tester. He rings the bell easily, but Patsy's strike even cracks the thing ("I do Krav Maga, dude. I'm, like, really fit."). Arcade throws a fit, and Hellcat knocks him out by hitting his head with the mallet before releasing Tom. She-Hulk breaks the barriers and drags the unconscious Arcade away to Avengers.

As the others celebrate with ice cream, Patsy is called by someone: Jessica Jones, a private investigator who says that despite having been hired by Patsy's rival Hedy Wolfe, she actually wants to help Hellcat.

Solicit Synopsis

• In this very special issue #6 of Patsy Walker, AKA HELLCAT, will she:

A) Visit CONEY ISLAND with her cool and stylish pals

B) Get into an adventure involving rollercoasters, or C) Kick a whole mess of butts?

(Answer: All of the above!)


Brittney Williams provides only the cover, with pencils given to guest artist Natasha Allegri. She stated that despite her busy schedule, she jumped at the opportunity of "getting able to work for Kate Leth on a project".[1]


Patsy's ringtone is changed to Regina Spektor's "Jessica", possibly to foreshadow Jessica Jones' role.

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