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-- Daimon Hellstrom

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Seeking revenge on old rival, Patsy Walker, Hedy Wolfe goes out on a date with Patsy's ex-husband, Daimon Hellstrom, telling him his life is in danger, then meets with Patsy's first husband, Buzz "Mad-Dog" Baxter, as well.

At the same time, Patsy is startled once new assistant Angie Huang says landlord Sharon King is in debt and at risk of losing Ideahive, Inc., as her temp agency can only do so much "with half the superheroes in town off to save the planet." To liven up the situation, new intern Jubilee takes everyone to karaoke bar Midnight Radio.

As Tom Hale starts singing "Poor Unfortunate Souls", Patsy goes after her cellphone to record it. When she gets to her purse, the phone is being held by her ex-husband, Daimon. The two head outside to discuss the situation, and Daimon uses his powers to attack Hellcat, saying Hedy told him the temp agency was only a front so Patsy could gather superpowered people to kill Daimon.

Meanwhile, inside the club, Patsy's other ex, Mad-Dog, appears and starts wrecking the place, asking where she is. Jubilee fights Mad-Dog, and once he throws her through the wall, he finds Patsy and Daimon outside. Mad-Dog then goes after his ex-wife, asking for the cure that could revert him to a regular human. Hellcat denies having such a thing, but Buzz insists that Hedy revealed everything to him about that. Like with Daimon's accusation, Patsy insists Hedy is lying. Daimon then summons a portal to send Hellcat to another dimension, where she can "reflect" and seek answers.

Patsy awakens in a dark location and talks to someone, who says she is in "Hell, or something like it". As the person says that Hellcat is lost and she will be guided back home, her identity is revealed to be Patsy's comatose friend, Jen Walters.

Solicit Synopsis

• Out of time, money and options, Hedy Wolfe calls up the two people Patsy most hoped to leave behind — her (literally) Evil Ex-Boyfriends.

• How will Hellcat and friends contend with this dynamic dude-o?

• See what I did there?! Come on, you loved it!!!


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