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Patsy-Hedy Entertainment
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Patsy Walker Enterprises;[1]
Patsy Walker Properties, Inc.[2]


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Centerville, California; formerly Montclair, New Jersey

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Dorothy Walker began developing comic book series based on the activities of her daugter and her friends.[4] With help from her model/publishing friend Millie Collins and her sister Sophia McConnell, Dorothy developed a very popular media empire on the persona Patsy Walker. However, Patsy actually hated the notoriety the series brought on.[5][6]

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 1 Textless

Patsy Walker as Hellcat shocked by her fandom

The Patsy Walker comics went out of print until the rights reverted to Hedy Wolfe after the death of Dorothy and the (temporary) death of Patsy. Hedy renamed the company Patsy-Hedy Entertainment and began republishing the classic Patsy Walker comics.[1][7]

Once with the help of Jessica Jones and Jennifer Walters, Patsy found something that could void Dorothy's contract to Hedy -"if one of the parties does not have the mental capacity", and the ill Dorothy was under heavy morphine - and managed to get back the rights to the comics bearing her name.[8]

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  • After becoming the CEO, Hedy Wolfe tried to change the company name to Hedy-Patsy Entertainment, but she was voted down by the board members.[1]

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