Patton Parnel was a disturbed young man who lived with his abusive Uncle Ted, "experimented" on animals, and perversely spied on his next-door neighbour, Sara Jane. When on a trip to Alcorp Industries, Sara Jane approached him and asked if he would help her expose their illegal experimentation on animals.

When inside Alcorp, Sara Jane dragged Patton into a laboratory to free the animal test subjects. Intrigued by an enormous red spider, Patton reached in to grab it and was bitten. Dragged out by security, he was sent home, and the following day his uncle beat him. Abnormally hungry, Patton impulsively ate a mouse, awakening his spider-like abilities. Patton next ate a cat, and when Uncle Ted came home Patton transformed into a spider-like monster and attacked him. The following day Patton confronted schoolyard bully Gene, and lured a young boy looking for his dog to his house. Sara Jane came to his house looking for Gene, and Patton kissed her before biting her neck. Sara Jane slapped him, and Patton began to transform into a monstrous spider-like creature, revealing that the spider that had bitten implanted eggs via its bite, an ability he had inherited and tested on his uncle and the boy. Before Patton could do anything more, Morlun arrived and attacked, ripping off Patton's chelicerae and one arm and stated that while Patton was young and unripe he would suffice as an appetizer. As Morlun drained Patton's life force, Sara Jane fled, but the following morning hundreds of baby spiders emerged from the tooth marks Patton had left on her neck.[1]


Patton can partially or completely transform into a monstrous creature with fangs and venomous chelicerae, eight compound eyes, four arms, and four legs. He can shoot organic webbing from his wrists and impregnate prey by biting them.


Fangs and chelicerae

  • In an interview, Patton was described as a sociopathic version of Spider-Man who made the opposite decisions that Peter had, such as being more likely to join the Sinister Six than fighting them. In the actual comic, Patton becomes a cannibalistic serial killer after gaining spider-powers, but only has them for three days before being killed by Morlun.
  • In the same interview, Patton's last name is spelled as "Parnell", but in the comic itself it is spelled as "Parnel".

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