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Paty is also the wife of the late legendary creator and artist Dave Cockrum.

Professional History

Paty is a very talented artist and colourist. Paty joined Marvel in the early 70's as part of the production staff. Paty initially spent most of her time at Marvel in the 70's involved in gathering production art for marketing purposes. She worked on the Marvel Value Stamp project, the Marvel Slurpee Cup issue (predominantly distributed by 7-11 stores), and created production art as well as color coded art portfolios for every major Marvel character. Many such production art images are still in use today.

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  • Name is often confused as "Patty Cockrum". She prefers the credited name of "Paty" and is normally credited as such in her work.
  • Paty spent some of her formative years in Walker Valley, New York. At this time she had letters published by Marvel Comics, particularly in Iron Man #48 where she voiced concerns about how male writers often missed characterization of their female characters. Also had a letter published in Daredevil #90 where she made comments on Daredevil and the Black Widow's relationship. Fan letter also published in Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #12

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