Paul Budiansky was a New York police detective who was alerted to a school shooting. However, his superiors gave the order that no one should enter the school while awaiting for the Tactical Unit even when the killer is currently killing the students. Budiansky disobeyed the order, entered the school and shooting the killer, who was a deranged teenager. Despite saving the students, Budiansky was disciplined by his police captain for ignoring orders and sent to mandatory trauma therapy in order to block him from any commendations and speaking to the news press. Although he felt he doesn't deserve for this treatment, but Budiansky felt no remorse for what he did at the school and wonders if that makes him similar to The Punisher.

Budiansky later became involve in investigating the Five Wives' (Annabella Gorrini, Lorraine Zucca, Bonnie De Angelo, Barbara Barrucci, and Shauna Toomey) attempt on killing the Punisher which resulted in the death of Bonnie De Angelo by Jennifer Cesare. Despite the Five Wives' denial for the cause of Bonnie De Angelo's death, Budiansky was certain of their crime. His continued investigation forced the Five Wives, who rather than facing jail time, ordered a hit on Budiansky. They sent Shauna Toomey's minion Curtis to gun down Budiansky when he was visiting his wife Gina at a hospital. Curtis missed Budiansky but only to seriously wounded Gina. Budiansky retaliated by repeatedly shooting Curtis. Fortunately Gina survived but was left on life support. Furthermore Budiansky was laid off from the police force. Budiansky soon learned of Shauna Toomey's involvement in the hit and returned to Annabella Gorrini's residence, where he found Zucca, Barrucci, and Toomey having been killed by Jennifer Cesare, who took Gorrini to finish off her revenge.

Budiansky was able to tracked down Cesare's location and with intent of killing Gorrini for indirectly harming Gina. Instead, he was shocked to encounter the Punisher. Budiansky furiously demanded to allow him through and threatened to shoot him, but the Punisher prevented him by asking him "You want to be me?" These words made Budiansky to abandon his rage and realized he is not like the Punisher.

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