Along with the other members of KISS, he received his super-powers when gypsy wizard Dizzy the Hun, recognizing the potential of four teenagers, presented them with the Box of Khyscz to prevent it to fall in the hands of Dizzy's enemy Dr. Doom.[1]


  • Cone of Force: Space Ace can create a cone of force where he can temporarily imprison an enemy.[1]
  • Heightened psychic sensors.[2]
  • Psychic powers: He can block mind probes.[3]
  • Teleport: Space Ace can teleport himself and others through great distances (other planets and dimensions), although he is not always conscious of where they will end.[1] He later learned to track another person's teleport powers to follow them.[2]
  • Vibratory Powers: Space Ace can make an enemy vibrate. If this enemy is a robot, it can break through this process;[1] it can also break motorcycles. He later learned how to vibrate quickly at atomic level with the right frequency to walk through closed doors and to allow others to go through his body.[2]


Vulnerable to psychic attacks.[2]

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