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Early Life

Paul Hall was a homicide detective in the N.Y.P.D.

Jessica Jones

He visited Jessica Jones at Alias Investigations to question her about Miranda Pritchett. Jessica lied about knowing that Miranda was murdered, and Hall produced a photograph of the crowd at the crime scene proving that Jessica was at Miranda's house the previous night. Hall asked Jones to accompany him to the police station.[1]

Hall left Jones in an interrogation room for over an hour before he returned to question her about the murder as well as her own past as a costumed superhero named Jewel. Jessica tried to explain that she has been set up, but Detective Hall persisted in trying to elicit a confession for the Pritchett murder, insinuating that Jessica suffered from multiple personality disorder and that perhaps it was Jewel who strangled Pritchett. Jessica became enraged at the accusation, but is prevented from saying anything too damaging by the arrival of attorney Matt Murdock. After ascertaining that Hall was not charging Jessica with any crimes, Murdock escorted her from the station, instructed Hall to schedule all future interrogations through his law office.[2]

Moon Knight

He later left New York for Los Angeles and joined the L.A.P.D.[3]
He discovered that the L.A. kingpin was Count Nefaria.[4] He arrested Snapdragon to get him.[5] He teamed up with Moon Knight to take him down.[6]

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None, human.

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