Paul Hazlett was an employee of Roxxon Oil who invented an anti-gravity generator. He was incensed, however, when he discoved the company had stolen his design and used it to equip the criminal Killer Shrike.

Hazlett created his own costume and set out on a criminal career of his own, naming himself the Raptor. He broke into a local millionaire's apartment to steal a valuable diamond, but was seen by the hero Moon Knight, who battled him. Moon Knight disabled Raptor's anti-gravity device and threatened to drop him to the ground, whereupon the Raptor surrendered to him.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Hazlett was a gifted inventor.

Physical Strength

Normal human strength.



Raptor's powers all came from his costume. He used an anti-gravity generator to fly, and his costume was woven with adamantium to afford him protection from injury. His costume was also equipped with infra-red goggles.


Raptor's costume was equipped with sharp claws that could also be projected as grapplers, and he carried a hand-held 'beak' that could even slice through steel.

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