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Paul Keane was the president of Keane Industries, a company specialized in the private oil sector. He funded the Americops, a private policing initiative with a high degree of success but ruthless methods which included racial profiling.[1] Even though the Americops appeared to stem from a noble cause, in reality, they were mostly sent to distressed areas were Kaene's subsidiary Paragon Properties had recently bought vacant properties. Once the Americops harassed its inhabitants into leaving, the area became available for gentrification.[2]

The Americops received the support of Senator Tom Herald, who planned on introducing a bill in the Senate that would call for increased resource-sharing between federal law enforcement and the Americops.[1]

Together with Herald and another detractor of the left-leaning Captain America Sam Wilson, radio talk show host Harry Hauser, Keane contacted U.S. Agent to have him force Wilson give back his shield to Steve Rogers.[3] The plan of the three men to have U.S.Agent take the shield from Wilson was secretly supported by Rogers himself.[4]

Following U.S. Agent's disappearance after failing to defeat Captain America and Tom Herald's death, Keane started to believe Rogers was trying to cut loose ends to prevent anybody from finding out about his involvement with the attempt to take down Sam Wilson. Keane subsequently arranged a dinner with Hauser to discuss his concerns. It turned out Captain America was indeed trying to cover his trail. However, he was also working with Hauser, a fellow Hydra member. Keane died after Hauser poisoned his drink.[2]

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