Quote1 But nothing drives people to the church faster than the thought of the Devil snapping at their heels. Maybe that was God's plan all along. Why he created him, and allowed him to fall from grace... To become a symbol to be feared... Warning to us all, to tread the path of the righteous. Quote2
-- Father Paul Lantom src

Father Lantom was the priest of Clinton Church, where Matt Murdock went to confess.[2]

Father Lantom (Earth-199999) 002

He once told Matt about how he worked in Rwanda around the time of the genocide, he knew an elder named Gakiji respected by both the Hutu and Tutsi, whom no one would harm. Then one day, a commander of the Hutu militia met with Gahiji. After talking for a few hours, Lantom and the whole village saw the commander brutally killed Gahiji and his family.[3]

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