The Spoiler was a criminal who was active during late 1940s. He made it his mission to defeat and spoil the careers of costumed crimefighters, although most of his exploits are unrecorded. In late 1948 and turned his attention to the Blonde Phantom after reading of her exploits in the newspapers. The Spoiler hijacked a local radio station and challenged the Phantom to face him in an hour at the city square. The Phantom watched the Spoiler and witnessed her alter-ego's boss, private investigator Mark Mason, engage in a brawl with the Spoiler, springing the trap which was intended for the Phantom. She swung down and rescued Mason while knocking the Spoiler and his men into the large hole in the street which was intended for her, causing the trio to land in the putrid waters of the city's sewer[1].

In 1949, the Spoiler attempted to match wits with the Sub-Mariner. He tricked the hero into drinking a "potion" which he claimed made it fatal for the Sub-Mariner to go into the water. This was a ruse, and the Sub-Mariner pretended to believe it in order to allow the Spoiler to commit brazen acts of robbery. When the Spoiler attempted to rob the and orphans fund a second time, the Sub-Mariner easily beat the Spoiler into submission and turned him over to the authorities[2].

The Spoilers subsequent fate is unknown.




The Spoiler is a skilled strategist, particularly at devising schemes with which to defeat and humiliate costumed crimefighters.



Real name revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Vol. 7.

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