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After just being discharged from the United States Marines, Paulie Provenzano returned to his home in Brooklyn, where he attempted to join the mafia. They rudely rejected him after discovering he was a mutant with the ability of complete invulnerability, and attempted to murder him.[3]

After taking out the goons, Provenzano was invited by Jean Grey to join her interim X-Men in order to stop Magneto's madness. Often cracking jokes and flirting with the female members of his team, particularly Frenzy and Dazzler. He also had a rivalry with Northstar as he was extremely uncomfortable with homosexuals.[4]

The team had little time to train but gambled that their unfamiliarity would be enough of an edge to free Xavier and stop Magneto. Arriving on Genosha, the team confronted Magneto. Overconfident, Provenzano told Magneto he wasn't scared of 'some guy wearing a bucket on his head'. Magneto attempted to manipulate the iron in Provenzano's blood, but it was ineffective due to his invulnerability. However, it did not keep him from being lifted off the ground.[5]

During their battle with Magneto, Provenzano immediately created a diversion for his teammates when he taunted Magneto himself. Magneto then levitated Provenzano into space, coldly asking Northstar if he thought he was fast enough to save his teammate before he suffocated. Northstar was barely able to reach Provenzano in time and took him to a nearby US warship. Provenzano was shocked and a bit uneasy that Northstar had given him mouth to mouth, but thanked Jean-Paul. After the battle, Provenzano declined to remain an X-Man and left the X-Mansion to journey on his own.[5] He was codenamed Omerta in the X-Men database.[1]


Provenzano was eventually captured by the Weapon X program to be interned in Neverland concentration camp. At the entry, he was deemed useless concerning the possible utilization of his powers, marked with a red M on the hand, and send to the gas chamber alongside with Maggot, with whom he shared his last words.[6][1]


Provenzano eventually returned to life through unknown means, but did not have his powers. He was living with Stinger, and they had a baby together. They both have Krakoan citizenship, but do not live there. When they were discussing whether or not to move, their baby was kidnapped.[2]


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Virtual Invulnerability: Provenzano was virtually invulnerable, although he was proved to be possibly hurt, as Northstar was able to make him nose-bleed, using his super-speed to punch him. He was also vulnerable to poisonous gas,[6] and possibly to other poisons.[1] He was even immune to Magneto's attempt to manipulate the iron within his own blood.[5]

Superhuman Strength: Provenzano was able to lift about 1 ton.[1]


Military training in the Marine Corps.[3]


His invulnerability doesn't cover the human basic needs of oxygen, neither they protect him from gas.[6][1]


  • Provenzano never took the name "Omerta" in canon, but that was his original name to begin with in the X-Men database.[1]


  • Provenzano is the second character featured in Marvel comics to use the name Omerta. In Alpha Flight, an Italian superhero appeared using this name. In Italian, "omerta" signifies the Southern Italian "code of silence" that places importance on remaining silent when questioned by authorities or outsiders, and on not interfering with the illegal activities of others. In English, it refers to similar codes among Italian-American criminal organizations. How this codename refers to Provenzano's powers is unclear.
  • Paulie may have been named after Bernardo Provenzano, head of the Sicilian Corleonesi crime family from 1993 until his arrest in 2006.

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