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Quote1 Do I seem like a violent guy? [...] Okay, but he deserved that. Quote2

Paul Jeremiah Rabin is the son of the Emissary[1] who encountered Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson after they entered his reality while fighting their own Emissary.[4] After MJ used a device to send Peter back home, Paul spent nearly four years with her due to time dilation before Peter's return. During that time, Paul and MJ had found and adopted two kids to raise as their own.[3] Apparently married,[5] MJ refused to leave Paul,[3] and they continued their family life in Earth-616[2]


Life on Earth-TRN1023[]

Paul was the son of Benjamin Rabin[1] and a student studying mathematical quantum computation under his father and colleagues, stumbling upon information condensing cryptography that resembled symbols of Mayan scripts and other ancient languages. While Paul and the others were discovering "cheat codes" in reality, Rabin was communicating with Wayep and destroyed their Earth for power.[4] Paul killed his father to end his evil.[1]

Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616) and Paul Rabin (Earth-TRN1023) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 25 002

Developing Mary Jane's powers tech

Paul survived on that devastated Earth for untold years, having utilized his glyph mathematics before he encountered Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, their Rabin's sacrifices from Earth-616. After selectively elaborating his past with Rabin, though technically a different Rabin, Peter refined his Spider-Device before Wayep raided the safe house. Mary Jane used the device to send him home, killing Wayep in the process, but trapped her with Paul on the devastated Earth.[4] Due to an unforeseen time dilation between Earth-616 and Earth-TRN1023, Paul and Mary Jane spent four years together surviving the Glyphoid monsters, Rabin's hounding, adopting Owen and Stephanie, and making a patchwork family life while Paul also developed a prototype random powers generating "Jackpot" device based on Mary Jane's iconic idiom.[3] Peter returned in time to distract Rabin long enough for Paul to kill the villain, protecting Owen and Stephanie,[6] before Peter relocated them to Earth-616 where Paul got proper medical attention.[3]

Life on Earth-616[]

Paul Rabin (Earth-TRN1023), Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616), and Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 7 001

Punching Peter Parker

After Paul was discharged from the hospital, Peter confronted him about his backstory not matching any proof of his existence, leading Paul to confess he was Rabin's son on the other Earth. Striking the offended Peter, Paul clarified his hate for his father and killing him in revenge, before coming to Earth-616 as he wasn't born in their continuity. Despite Peter's indignation to the reveal, Paul was defended by Mary Jane who compared and contrasted both men with their pain and grief.[1] Paul and Mary Jane continued their relationship raising Owen and Stephanie as their parents,[2] and Paul later met Peter's debt collector, Gus, seeking payment for overdue medical bills[7] and heard about Peter's troubles, so Paul helped pay some of the fees out of sympathy.[8] When he picked up Mary Jane from Oscorp, Paul saw Peter in better condition than when last they met and invited him to dinner sometime.[9]

Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616) and Paul Rabin (Earth-TRN1023) from Mary Jane & Black Cat Vol 1 5 001

After Mary Jane's Christmas misadventure

When demons invaded New York,[10] Paul and the kids were protected by Mary Jane with an upgraded Jackpot device,[11] before they headed to the basement for safety. After the event ended, Paul and the kids hugged Mary Jane following her misadventure with Felicia,[12] and he later took Mary Jane to a spa retreat for a coincidental encounter with Peter and Felicia, trading friendly chit-chat before the heroic duo left for a mission.[13] When Rabin returned six months after his perceived death, Paul took the children to safety as Mary Jane sought out Peter.[14] While sheltered, Paul was powerless to see Owen and Stephanie fade from reality by Rabin's magic, and raced out to Mary Jane to confirm what happened, just after Ms. Marvel's sacrifice defeated Rabin.[1]



  • Genius-Level Intellect: Paul has demonstrated a capable intellect nearly on par with Peter's, having the mathematical comprehension to develop glyph technology similar to the Spider-Verse Dimensional Travel Watch, but lacked the finer knowledge that Peter had regarding multiversal travel.[4]
  • Skilled Engineer: Paul's utility of glyph math/magic allowed him to develop a "slot-machine" wrist-watch device to empower Mary Jane with luck based power generation, a different combination of symbols to call for different abilities.[3]



  • Spider-Device: Paul developed a spider glyph device with the express design to travel the multiverse to Earth-616. Peter Parker used the device to escape and later return for a subsequent rescue and currently owns it.[4]
  • Various Math-Magic Glyphs: Paul developed glyph based mathematical magic to generate and synthesize whatever he needed on the devastated Earth.


  • Totem-Guns: A bevy of various guns which channeled different totemic symbols to disrupt or destroy whatever on the devastated Earth he spent unknown years on.


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