Born a minor level prodigy he found the pace of his fellow students to be too slow and his grades eventually began slipping due to his short attention span. At 10, this aggravated into him falling asleep in stressful situations, entering a weird sleep state.[1]

As an adult he became a artist and took an apartment above that of Howard the Duck and Beverly Switzler and one night a sleeping Paul burst through the floor to their apartment bringing him to their attention. After waking him and learning of his plight, Howard left in a huff and ended up at Joe's Bar. Just as Howard unintentionally initiated a bar fight, Paul burst in, dressed in a night-gown wielding a Roman Candle, still in his sleep state. He attempted to break up the bar fight up before Howard dragged him out and woke him up.

For the next few weeks Paul fell asleep and then went out at night as the vigilante Winky Man; during the day he found his artwork improved as his frustrations were taken out at night. At an art show, the art critic Xavier Couture panned his work which stressed out Paul, causing him to fall asleep and as Winky Man attacked Xavier. Howard stopped him and his Roman candle set off the sprinklers and awoke Paul. Howard then convinced Paul to stand up to the critic on his own terms and in doing so ended his career as Winky Man.[1]

After Civil War

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[2]


Paul Same is a skilled painter and sculptor.


Roman Candle

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