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Paul Stacy met Peter Parker and Mary Jane at the Empire State University.[1]
Paul Stacy was introduced again by Prof. Howard to Peter Parker.[2]
Paul was then told to tutor Parker while he was trying to complete his studies at the Empire State University.[3]
He suggested Neil, Parker's own tutoring student, to upgrade his tutorial help.[4]
Paul later reported to Professor Howard Parker's unexcused absence for his class.[5]
After joining the Friends of Humanity, Paul Stacy attempted to intimidate academic rival Robin Vega, who he had discovered was a mutant, into leaving the university, but he was eventually driven off by Peter Parker.[6]
After his apartment was stormed by the Friends of Humanity, Paul helped the other tenants escape, and rushed back into the building to save a child named Angela.[7]
Paul used to attend Prof. Howard's lecture with Peter.[8]
Paul was later saved from Shocker by Spider-Man.[9]
He was then chased atop the Brooklyn Bridge by Shocker and Trapster, who attached him to Spider-Man with his glue.[10]
After chasing them across New York City, the two villains eventually spared their lives.[11]
Paul visited his sister at New York University Medical Center when she was wounded at Parkers' house.[12]
Believing his father was working with Norman Osborn, he verbally attacked him.[13]
Back at the Empire State University campus, Paul rejected Peter Parker's research for being too sloppy.[14]
Since he couldn't live with his father under the same roof, Paul eventually moved out.[15]
He quickly returned home and was seen again there by Peter.[16]
Paul later came to Parker's Fifth Avenue penthouse to bring Jill back home.[17]
He was later seen by Spider-Man discussing with Jill and their father.[18]

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