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Paul Wilson, a prominent minister who lived in Harlem, New York City, married Darlene Wilson. Together they had three children: Gideon Wilson, Sam Wilson, and Sarah Wilson.

When Sam was 16, he refused to join the church, believing his deeply religious parents to be ignorant for their faith. To his surprise, rather than put up a fight, his parents provided him with books on different religions and comparative theology. The next night, Paul was killed trying to break up a neighborhood fight. Two years later, Darlene was shot and killed by a mugger one block from their apartment.[1][2][3]


Paul Wilson (Earth-616) from Captain America Vol 1 277 001

Sarah Wilson explains what happened to her father.

  • Originally, Falcon's father Paul Wilson was said to have been killed when Sam was 9 years old. Falcon looked to be a teenager by the time his mother was killed.[1] A later story established Paul was killed when Falcon was 16 and that his mother died two years later.[2] An even later story implies that Paul was killed when Sam was 14 and Darlene died the year after that.[4]

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