Quote1.png He found the tent, a sagged, shapeless mass of rotted canvas in a tangle of brush and vines. Quote2.png
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Paul de Kraft's camp was a base of Paul de Kraft's group when they were searching for emeralds in the 1930s Belgian Congo. It was located near the jungle home of John Rand and his son David.

David Rand, later known as Ka-Zar, found a mirror from the camp but was forced to leave when he heard shots from his home. De Kraft had shot his father and tried to kill the boy also but was driven away by Zar the lion, leaving his camp behind.[1] Later, Ka-Zar went back for the mirror and met Bardak the ape from the camp. They fought for the mirror and victorious Ka-Zar spared Bardak's life but retrieved the mirror.[2]


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