Quote1 At that moment, Paul de Kraft, with a heart as greasy as the rolls of fat that covered his body, raised his gun and pointed it at Rand's back! Quote2
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Paul de Kraft was a criminal working in Africa in 1930s and 1940s. He killed the father of the Ka-Zar (David Rand). Ka-Zar eventually revenged his father by killing him.

Paul de Kraft found a rich emerald stream in the Belgian Congo. Near the stream was home of John Rand and his son David who were stranded in the jungle. John Rand demanded de Kraft to leave the jungle which led to de Kraft murdering him. However, before he could kill also David, he was chased away by Zar the lion, king of the jungle. Zar adopted the boy, raised him into the man those in the jungle referred to as Ka-Zar.[1]

Some years later when Ka-Zar had grown into a man, Paul de Kraft relocated to Cairo, where he plotted to return to the Congo.[2] He returned with the fellow emerald hunter Ed Kivlin, fully intending to betray him once they have harvested the gems. The native guides were afraid of the "jungle god" Ka-Zar, but de Kraft tricked them into continuing into the Congo and forced them with violence to do his bidding. When Ka-Zar spotted them, he began terrorizing the camps in a bid to get them to leave and get his revenge against Paul. Paul, unaware that his old foe is the cause of the disturbances, continued to force the locals to do his bidding through the fear of death.[3]

When his aid Ed Kivlin tells him that he had encountered the "white jungle god", de Kraft correctly deduces that it must be the son of John Rand. He eventually turned on Kivlin, when he incorrectly thought that Kivlin had destroyed most of his guns. In reality, it was Ka-Zar, who later returned to the camp to get revenge against de Kraft. However, Paul was ready for him and had his native guides to capture and torture him. Ka-Zar was soon freed by Nono the monkey and ultimately slayed de Kraft, avenging his father's death.[4]

De Kraft was fat.[5]

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